PCP has partnered with Christman Construction to build a new Music Building for MSU along with renovations to the existing Music Building. This unique building is one of only two in the entire world and features battered metal framed walls, multi layered drywalled interior partitions, acoustical wall panels, acoustical ceiling panels, BASWA acoustical plaster ceilings with all veneer plaster finishes. There are 4 specialty practice rooms, Large Rehearsal, Medium Rehearsal, Jazz Rehearsal & Percussion Rehearsal that contain state of the art sound control materials in them. There are over 50 smaller practice rooms with low frequency noise control and 2 complete recording rooms. MSU is in the fore front with their music program and it is very evident with this project.

General Contractor
The Christman Company
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
Completion Date

Project Scope
Acoustical Ceilings
Specialty Ceilings
Veneer Plaster
Exterior Framing/Sheathing
Acoustical Ceilings/Specialty Ceilings

Project Type